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Timi Siytangco


I'm curious about people and places that make something out of nothing.


First, two friends convinced a village chief to rent them a few buffalos, and tried to milk them. Thus starts the unlikely entrepreneurial story of the Laos Buffalo Dairy.


In the Nimmanhaemin neighborhood, posters promoting TEDx and Chiang Mai Design Week hang outside cafés serving single-origin coffee. Entrepreneurs and digital nomads hunch over laptops at co-working spaces all across town. World-class creators like Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul, best-selling author Naomi Duguid and art world darling Navin Rawanchaikul choose to live here. The relaxed, open vibe is as you’d expect in any place that’s put creativity on the agenda. But this is not Brooklyn or Berlin — this is the capital of Northern Thailand.


The food of Manila reflects a predilection for welcoming outsiders. Welcome to the salu-salo, the fiesta, the party.


This essay was commissioned by the editors of Rogue Magazine (rogue.ph), a luxury and lifestyle magazine in the Philippines (now defunct). The brief asked me to focus on my relationship to my adoptive city, Singapore, as a Filipino expatriate. Following print publication, it’s gained a second lease on life on Medium.


A story for the magazine’s Islands issue. Taiwan might be an island, but its modern-day culture is built on the connections it has made throughout its history. This article explores the capital city of Taipei to reflect on these enduring links.




A round-up of award-winning single origin bean-to-bar chocolate makers in Southeast Asia.


Sugarlandia In A Bubble


In theory, it is possible to travel through the Philippines without encountering politics. In practice, not so easy.


This essay was commissioned for an anthology in the Philippines. Manila jeepneys, fault lines and political unrest were all part of an idyllic childhood. Read it online here.


Not ready for that level of commitment? Read some insta-essays on Instagram. These posts are not real-time updates. They are #postcardsiforgotosend.

One Tuesday morning in September, we rode the shinkansen from Tokyo Station to an organic tea farm in Shizuoka.